5 Tips for the Best Gay Evenings

Interest clubs can be of various types, including sexual ones. Today, the format of sex events, which involves the exchange of partners, is gaining popularity not only in large cities but also in regions where people try to keep up with metropolises. So, how to arrange a gay party, what is being done there, and what will you do if you come there?


Types of Gay Parties

  • Family party. Only strong and reliable couples are invited here. At family parties, the sympathy of the group members is very important, because they will have to exchange their partners with each other. Random people rarely come here.
  • Mass orgy. Only one principle is essential here — sex. Different people come to such parties, with different sexual orientations, so be prepared. The conditions at the party may be different, but the principle is the same — everything with everyone without restrictions.
  • Gang Bang is also an orgy, but here one partner satisfies several men at the same time. Such parties can be attended not only by couples but also by single men. Keep in mind that if you come with a loved one, then most likely he will also act as the same satisfying partner.
  • BDSM. The party involves role-play with submission and the use of appropriate accessories. If you are not ready for such experiments, and you always feel sorry for everyone, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rules of how to stay safe in an online BDSM community in advance or not to attend such parties at all.


Therefore, the most crucial thing is to determine the direction of your party and to warn all guests about this.

Essential Things to Know to Get Started

  1. You need a room. The apartment is ideal, but it is better not to invite strangers. This is an option for family gay parties, and not for orgies. For such cases, there are hotels (you also need to choose them carefully, because moans and screams will attract neighbors and staff), saunas, party-and-play rooms. You can rent a separate, remote house — perfect for any party.
  2. The room should be perfectly clean. There should be less fragile objects and sharp corners. Contraceptives are a must, which should not be lacking — it is better to place small straw baskets in all corners of the room and generously pour condoms there.
  3. A prerequisite is upholstered furniture and a soft carpet. By the way, you can add sex toys, but only after the participants feel the need for them — they may embarrass the participants at the beginning of the party.
  4. Be sure to agree if there are smokers among you — whether you will smoke indoors, during, or after. If permission of all members of the group to smoke is received, put ashtrays and remove all the curtains and other flammable objects.
  5. Place food and drinks on a separate table. You need as much water as possible. As for strong drinks — only by agreement with the group.

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