Top 9 Best Gay Clubs in the World

Long ago, the word gay meant easy-going, funny, and bright. Now, everything is different. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that the LGBT community knows how to have fun. Let’s talk about the best bars in the gay hangout. 


Berlin, Germany

Berlin plays an important role in the development of the gay community. The capital of Germany is now one of the most liberal in Europe. 


An industrial-style club with three dance floors. A relaxed atmosphere and crowds of visitors from the MeWe gay group, and of all orientations. For over 40 years, the place has been and is a secluded place for the LGBT community.

Kit Kat

Probably one of the most famous fetish clubs in Berlin. Opened in 1994 by a porn director and his girlfriend, the atmosphere here is really wild, with impressive decorations and light music. 

Stockholm, Sweden

Yet, Sweden is one of the most progressive countries. Many places host themed events that even touched on the sacred ABBA museum. By the way, in 2009 same-sex marriages were allowed here.

King Kong

There are several dance floors where modern pop hits and reggaeton are played. A nice bonus — free condoms and cute stickers in the toilets.


The Patricia space is fascinating — it is a former British ship with great views of the Old Town. There are several bars, a restaurant and a club here. You can dine before a stormy night.


Manchester, England

Manchester hosts the largest number of cool events for the LGBT community. Of course, there are plenty of bars here. And as it turned out, not only for football fans.


The atmosphere of New York with jazz music and brunch attracts many people. The interior is a multi-level loft with red sofas and massive tables; the lower one even has a bar with real beds for relaxation located along the dance floor. 


Leopard print and cherubs add a relaxed, intimate feel. At the end of the month, there is a transvestite show, which is definitely worth attending.

Tel Aviv, Israel

LGBT events with an international reputation: just go out into the night street and drift after people from bar to bar. 

Apolo Club

The club is for men only. On the top floor, there is a spacious bar. Downstairs, you will find a dance floor with rousing music and famous themed parties, a couple of bar counters, and a special room.


Dublin, Ireland

In May, it hosts a theater festival dedicated to themes of concern to LGBT communities. And every June there is a gay parade.

The George

The bar is over 30 years old. It hosts famous transvestite shows and karaoke nights. And on Sundays, the trans-queen plays Bingo.


We advise you to visit the shows organized by the founder — drag queen Panti. Hence the name of the bar.

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