How to Pick Up a Man in a Gay Club: Best Tips

Many books have been written about how a woman can seduce a man, or how a guy can get a girl into bed. And what should homosexual men do? They also need advice in this matter, because gay dating has its own specifics. It’s not so easy to meet a guy for same-sex romance, for example, on the street or in a bar, as is traditionally done. Let’s try to give some recommendations.


How to Seduce a Man: Practical Insights

To begin with, decide what kind of relationship development you intend in the future: will it be a partner for a one-night stand or are you planning to continue dating? Another crucial aspect is what orientation your chosen one is — traditional or not.


Gay and Bisexual

If you crave to spend a stormy night and then forget about your adventure, then it is better to choose a partner from gay or bisexual people — they are easier to seduce.

  • You can go to a gay club (there are plenty of them, including normal besides PnP rooms), disco or bar. Another option is to find an online partner. There are many special online communities of this direction. There you can meet a guy, chat with him and ask him out.
  • In the gay club, give the guy nonverbal signals: look at him for a long time, try to take a position as close to him as possible. Accidentally touch him, take his hand, hug. You can treat your new acquaintance to a cocktail and invite him to dance.
  • While dancing, hug the man tightly, touch his erogenous zones. Then it all depends on the man’s reaction: if he reciprocates with you, doesn’t step back, then you can kiss him and continue the evening in a more intimate setting.


Traditional Men

Seduction doesn’t always happen so quickly, especially if your chosen one is straight. How can a man seduce a straight man? And is it possible? Not always. Nevertheless, you can try. Many psychologists and sexologists, including Sigmund Freud, argue that all people are bisexual. And this gives hope.

  • Don’t pressure your partner. To begin with, pretend to be straight, spend time with him in a friendly way — watch movies over a can of beer, go to the gym, be interested in what your chosen one is interested in. Have lengthy, intimate conversations.
  • Then you can try to start the seduction. It is better if the partner drinks — it will remove fears, bashfulness, and reduce the pressure of social stereotypes.
  • Use oral sex first. It isn’t so essential who performs oral sex — a man or a woman — a man will feel the same pleasure. You should try to surpass previous partners so that your chosen one feels fantastic.
  • Feelings of guilt that your partner will experience afterward will only increase the desire to be with you. The forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. 

Create intrigue around your relationship and meet in secret. A mystery will make your romance unforgettable.

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